Currency takes the political conversation — a giant leap beyond capitalism, socialism, fascism, communism, marxism, etc., — all the way to a world where there is no government at all. All there is — is people. People determining on their own what they want for all people.

It’s difficult to talk about any one aspect of The Network in Currency without talking about ALL the aspects of The Network because they are all interrelated. One system cannot be implemented in the absence of the others. That makes it hard to know where to begin; but I’ll try.

Let’s talk politics. It is safe to say that I have become disillusioned with politicians. At one point in my life I was very politically minded and involved. Now, I’m just jaundiced.

“All political systems are absolutely beautiful in their ideal, theoretical state. It’s when they are applied that things go wrong. Their undoing is almost always money, power, and control.”

But what if things were different? What if each and every one of us could vote directly (not through an intermediary) but directly on every important issue that would effect our lives - much like they do in Switzerland today?

But, unlike Switzerland, (or anywhere else for that matter) what if the people who were placed in charge of carrying out our resolutions were our neighbours, friends and family - people from the community at large? What’s more, what if we knew that at some point in our lives, we would probably be one of those people putting into effect the decisions of the populace - that we would be the worker bees. That’s how The Network views the people who rotate in and out of the commissions - worker bees. We would have no more or less power than anyone else in the community. We would just have a different function to fulfill for a period of three years.

Why three years? Long enough for us to become proficient at what we do but not long enough to garner any power in our transiting role.

You might be wondering how a bunch of novices would be qualified or effective in positions like these. Here's a quote from Currency:

“Uncle Fred said the weirdest thing. He said the commissions are made up of a mix of people. Is that true?”

“It is true, but where on earth did he hear that?” Deidre laughed.

“No idea. But how does that work? I can’t imagine what value an uneducated person would be to Research & Development.”

“You’d be surprised,” Deidre said resolutely. “I think one of the best things about the commissions is that each of the requirements must be replaced. In our commission there are twelve of us. Our commission is required to include one minority, one non-minority, one graduate student, one high school student, one female, one male, one industry person, one with no industry background, one person aged twenty to thirty-five, one aged thirty-six to fifty, one aged fifty-one to sixty-five, and one over sixty-five.

“Sounds weird, but it works. You can only qualify for one requirement at a time. When you move on, your requirement must be replaced. This ensures there will always be the same mix of skill, education, gender, culture, industry know-how, and generation represented on each and every commission.”


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