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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

As promised, here are some of the more controversial and/or contentious issues that I tackle in Currency.

Please don’t assume that the way the story unfolds in the book necessarily reflects my own personal opinions and beliefs. In many instances, this is definitely NOT the case. Here and there, I went out of my way to push even my own buttons.

I wanted ALL of us to have our values thrown in our faces so that we might think about them (consciously) from another perspective. How do we truly feel about these issues? Have we been agreeing with societal norms just because that’s the way it is? That’s what we’ve been told is right? (consensual reality) Or do we truly agree based on our own integrity?

Here are some of those issues (In no particular order):


The Environment


Big Pharma


Culture (Discrimination)



Positional Power

Gun Control


Property Ownership

Education System

Political System


Urban Sprawl

Capital Punishment

Justice System

International Affairs

Population Control

Fear & Despair

Mandatory Military Service

Which one would you like to talk about first?

Let's talk !!

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