Population Control

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I doubt if anyone would disagree that we must reduce the population on this planet we all call home, and Currency strongly agrees -- for the earth's sake, for our sake and for the sake of our children.

In the novel, a methodology is implemented that takes our population of 7.5 billion down to 940 million within three generations (that's less than a hundred years) -- now that's a number we can live with. You can do the math.

The methodology itself is interesting, but it's the spin-off effects that are immediately profound:

  • reduced pollution

  • reduced disease

  • reduced carbon footprint

  • reduced hunger and starvation

  • not unlike some of the environmental pluses that became apparent when Covid 19 first appeared on the scene. Now apply those pluses to every issue.

No doubt this is controversial. The right to procreate has always been seen as inalienable. What do you think?

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