Socially Speaking

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Thanks Elaine for the fabulous questions you posed in the A-Political Blog!

Answering them here gives me the perfect opportunity to kick off this next Blog - Socially Speaking. Here, I will share some of the concepts regarding Social Responsibility from the novel.

I'll begin by agreeing with you Elaine that some people do want to be governed by authority.

You are so right, Elaine. Even in the world of Currency, some people will superimpose (in their mind's eye) hierarchy, a power structure that doesn't exist. They will project a degree of 'imagined authority' onto the various committees. A need to assign both blame and credit seems innate in a certain segment of our population. I think it merely alleviates the need for them to take responsibility, but maybe I'm being unfair. What do you think?

Let's talk now about what will be the replacement for money in terms of exchange and incentivizing people.

Money is replaced with the value of time. Your time becomes a precious commodity. How you choose to 'spend' it is the ultimate question for everyone.

Finally, let's reflect on what happens when someone refuses to cooperate regarding the mandatory social responsibility.

The social system in Currency is structured to help people make the very most of their time, therefore, compliance becomes attractive. Those few who do not comply will find themselves carted off to the bucket, their freedom curtailed -- much like the vagrant of today. The difference will be as rebels weigh the consequence of resistance against the ease of compliance, its a no-brainer.

The vast majority of todays crime is driven by money, greed and power. Remove all of that and our prisons would be rather lonely places. You can't steal someone else's time. No one person's time is any more valuable than another's. The only means of 'buying' anything is by spending your own time -- and that can't be bought, borrowed or traded.

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