The Issues!

Updated: Apr 8

Currency is a button-pushing novel.

Here is a list of some of the "issues / buttons" you will encounter in Currency.


Complacency Chapter 0 Journey of the Fool

Fear Chapter 1 New Rules

Money, Power, Position Chapter 2 All About Love

Hunger Chapter 3 Abundance

Our Value System Chapter 4 The Root of All Evil

Culture & Religion Chapter 5 Reflections

Our Education System Chapter 6 Art of Communication

The 2nd Amendment Chapter 7 War of Words

Our Political System Chapter 8 Taming the Lion

Our Healthcare System Chapter 9 Looking Inward

Population Control Chapter 10 Expansion & Contraction

Our Justice System Chapter 11 The Right Thing

Mental Health & Despair Chapter 12 The Fulcrum Point

International Affairs Chapter 13 Transformation

Homelessness Chapter 14 The Bigger Picture

Personal Possessions Chapter 15 Living Out Loud

War Chapter 16 Outside the Box

Pollution Chapter 17 Mercy, Mercy, Me

Community Values Chapter 18 Riding the Wave

Urban Sprawl / Big Pharma Chapter 19 Tenacity Wins

Transportation Chapter 20 Destiny Calls

Family Values Chapter 21 Endings & Beginnings

Beliefs Chapter 22 Bridge to God

Excerpt from the novel's appendices "A Note From The Author" .....

❤️ "I sincerely hope Currency causes some chatter, controversy, and conversation. May book clubs, readers groups, educational institutions, governments, and thoughtful people everywhere find passages to argue about, to agree or disagree on, call ridiculous, far-fetched or, just possibly, find plausible. I’d much rather have Currency cause contentious discord than sit on a shelf gathering dust." ❤️

That is what this blog is all about.

A chance to share with you some of the more controversial issues in the book.