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In the novel itself,  “The Network”  is a proposed social structure designed to eradicate political hierarchies, corporate power structures and money.  But, there is an even more powerful meaning to “The Network”.

The Network is also a community of like-minded people.  

People gathering behind the scenes.  

People like you and me.  

People who are currently struggling just to pay rent and keep food on the table. 

People who are losing the battle to pay all the bills every month. 

People who are helplessly watching the gap between the haves and the have-nots grow exponentially every day, realizing any hope for an early retirement is quickly disappearing.

People whose chances of ‘getting ahead’ are dwindling; recognizing that the dream of university for their children is rapidly evaporating.


And these are only a few of the many social and economic changes we are all witnessing right now.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can have abundance. 

We can have safety.

We can have hope!



Together, we can choose differently.  

Together, we have the power to change everything. 

Together, we can dream a new, brighter, happier and equitable future into being.

Visit  “A Deeper Look” to learn even more.


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