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Get a Free Copy of Currency When You Gift It Forward !!

Currency Book Cover

It is with great pleasure that the publisher of Currency, Kimmapii Inc. offers this opportunity to gift it forward (for freeto all readers.

The goal of the author was never about making money. Currency was written and is being published to foster hope in the world and offer people a powerful framework to initiate change.


To accomplish this, Kimmapii is making it as easy and affordable as possible for everyone to obtain their own copy of Currency by absorbing the retail price of the e-Book. Even more importantly,  the publisher is intent on sharing the concepts in the book, so they are gifting e-Books to friends of readers for free.

See Below!

About Currency

Currency is the thought-provoking story of seven people in small town Ohio who are each forced to confront their own love of money, power and possessions.  


As countries around the world begin voting to abolish money and power, in an attempt to end poverty, hunger, pollution and overpopulation - neighbor is pitted against neighbor, brother against sister, friend against friend.

Everyone must choose a side. 


Currency is a powerful story that asks the reader, “What if?”


What if The Network did do what it promised?

What if there were a mechanism that could end hunger, poverty, pollution and overpopulation?

What if this same mechanism fostered true social equality?

What if our "time" became the new world currency?


What would you do?

Where would you stand?

Sometimes we just want that tactile experience that only a print book can give us. We want to hold it, turn its pages and feel the texture of the paper on our fingertips.
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Currency Book Cover
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